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10 Random Exercise/Fitness Thoughts

By Frank Daniels | In Blog, News | on November 21, 2014

It’s been awhile since I’ve written a post like this. I get excited because these are usually the best articles.


So let’s keep it simple and just throw it out there.


Here are 10 random exercise and fitness thoughts for you to ponder over the weekend.


10 Random Exercise/Fitness Thoughts 


1) Warm-Up 


I can’t express how important the warm-up is. I laugh when we get people who think we’re wasting their time by spending a decent portion of their session doing this. I know we would be wasting their time if we didn’t. Your warm-up is the set-up for your workout. It gets the muscles warm/mobile, elevates heart rate/metabolism, and increases blood flow. Basically it gets the juices flowing and keeps you safe and healthy. The warm-up = workout! Don’t be silly and think your body can outlast ignoring this fact.


2) Long and Lean Muscles?? 


This is for all the Yoga/Pilates and ballet queens out there who choose these methods of fitness because they “stretch the muscles” and make them “long and lean.” Now I will preface this by saying I don’t have any problem with people doing Yoga/Pilates or ballet type workouts if that’s your thing. But muscles do not stand up and all of a sudden “get long and lean.” The body doesn’t work that way. What these people should really say is, “I don’t want the possibility of having any type of muscle tone on my body.” I’m not here to tell you how your body should look because that’s definitely up to you. But make no mistake folks, muscles don’t get long and lean – they just stay soft and un-muscular. Those are 2 different things.


3) Muscle = Metabolism  


If you want a good reason (or a few) to get strong, understand that strength training improves every single measurable health marker. You name it and it improves it. The more lean muscle you have on your body, the faster your metabolism is going to rev. You can think of muscle itself as it’s own personal “fat furnace.” Those weights can be your best friend if you use them appropriately. Not to mention strength = shape and tone. There is a whole lot of reason to get strong.


4) You Don’t Have Bad Knees 


I’ve encountered a lot of people with “phantom injuries,” meaning they have sore/banged up joints that bother them but never really had an incident of injury or surgery. That immediately tells me that their biggest problem is movement or how they move, not that they have bad joints. If we can improve the way they move and how their body operates we can probably reduce pain or cure it. Obviously everybody is different and over time you can certainly create degenerative conditions to your joints. But more often than not most people just move poorly, compensate with the wrong muscle groups, and put pressure on areas of the body that are not supposed to do the work they are asking it to do. A couple of tweaks usually help clear these things up. Either that or you can go sit in your wheelchair. Up to you.



5) The Burn Doesn’t = Results 


People get excited when they feel sore and get really sweaty and tired during a workout. In opposition to that, they get very nervous and concerned when they don’t feel these things. I’ll tell you right now that none of these things = results. I mean honestly, how may times can you say being sore meant you lost weight?? What about the times you didn’t feel sore or get exhaustively sweaty? Did you not burn calories or lose weight?? Was it just a waste? Smart training is a great balance between intense workouts and lower intensity activity. The key is just always being active and improving your nutrition. Of course intensity is a big part of changing the human body, but being intense and feeling sore after every workout is unrealistic and plain old silly. You can still get gains when you don’t feel those things.


6) Multi – Joint Exercises vs Isolated Joint 


You can think of isolated joint activity like “body building” and multi-joint activity as more “athletic” type training and movement. We have a more functional approach here at Max Impact. Big athletic movements with a lot of body parts involved. Why?? Well most people want to burn body fat and of course everybody want to work the “abs” more and do some isolate crunches. The only problem is there are a few inches of body fat over that 6-pack you’re looking for. So do you think we’ll have more success burning calories if we work just the abs by themselves?? Or would we burn more by doing exercises that call on multiple muscle groups all at once to do work?? When does the body work harder and burn more calories?? HMMM!!



7) Less = More 


What’s the best way to get results?? When you follow a program that usually keeps you locked into doing very similar exercises and routines for awhile. After a few week cycle you would then make some small incremental adjustments to exercises, weight and rep schemes. But it would ultimately be pretty similar in nature so you and your body could become a master at the patterns. So in other words, doing less exercises and mastering them is very effective. Adults have what we call “Adult ADD” and this doesn’t always work for them. We understand this and don’t try to fight it. The good news is when it comes to adult fitness and weight loss it really doesn’t matter what the structure is because almost anything would work. But if we could get your attention for a minute we probably would have more structure and similarity in exercises and routines.



8) You Won’t Out Work A Poor Diet 


Now don’t get me wrong, there are some people who get away with eating really poorly and still somehow manage to stay ripped/lean and sexy. The only problem is you think for some reason that you can do this also. My only question for you is, “how is that strategy working for you??” If you tell me it’s not, I’m going to tell you to ignore your skinny friends’ actions and find a new strategy. Some people are just genetically gifted and can get away with anything. If you’re finding that you can’t keep up with your friends’ contradictory habits then chances are you didn’t receive the same help from your parents. But no need to start cursing mommy and daddy. Just start getting your eating in check and you’ll be able to experience lean and sexy also.



9) You Can’t Trade Workouts For The Bar Scene 


Piggy-backing off of the previous post and talking to all my “young-gunners” out there, quit trading workouts during the week for the bar scene wed – sun night. What planet do we live on here folks?? You have to figure out what you really want, and if “leaned and toned” is the choice of the day then alcohol, wings and pizza 2 – 5 nights a week are probably not going to go together. Now don’t get me wrong, I love alcohol, wings and pizza but unfortunately they don’t always go with being lean and ripped and I enjoy being lean and ripped a little more. I hate to tell you this but everything you choose to do in life has a trade off. When you say yes to one thing you have to say no to another. The good news is you don’t have to say no all the time. But for Christ sake, cut it back a bit Johnny!!



10) Do Your Kids Buy The Food??


This is one of my favorites! Parents that “blame” their kids for their poor nutritional choices and habits. So let me ask you, are your kids footing the bill for the grocery shopping these days? Let me also ask you this, do your kids come home and tell you when and where they are going to go, or when they choose to come home at night? My guess is probably no. So why, when your child wants to eat potato chips, sugar cereals, candies and cakes all day do you have them available in the house? Here is a thought for you, if you did not have those things in the house, your child would eat better more often because they couldn’t get it at home and in turn you would eat better because it wasn’t in the house. Are you concerned that your children will curse you and blame you for being a strict parent? Have no fear, they’re going to blame you for everything else anyway so it’s all good.




So there you go!


10 random exercise/fitness thoughts for you.


Some of my favorite reality checks for people!


Happy Friday




P.S. Did you see us on Verizon Fios News last week? If not, check us out in our “Fitness Friday – Abs Boot Camp” or check it out at this link http://www.fios1news.com/lowerhudsonvalley/node/62696#.VG9G2ZPF96-

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