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Slam + Jump – Overcome Force Move For Athletes

By Frank Daniels | In Blog, News | on December 3, 2014

Athletes without a doubt have to deal with extreme forces in sport.


Training your body to produce force, control force, and in today’s exercise to actually overcome force is very important.


Overcoming force is the “transition” between moving fast in one direction and then having to change directions and move the other way with force.


This is what athletics is about.


The athlete who can contract/relax/contract the quickest is generally going to win the battle.


In today’s exercise you can combine power with the ability to overcome force and move in a new direction. You can also do this in a relatively easy manner.


You’re going to need a slam bell or jam ball. These are throwing implements that “go dead” upon hitting a floor or wall. You will also need just a little overhead room to slam and then jump.


The idea is to slam the object and produce as much force moving towards the ground, and then as quickly and as forcefully as you can, jump up in the sky.


This move is great for explosion, reaction, and overcoming force to change direction.


Check it out below







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