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My Fat A$$ 2 Month Progress Pics

By Frank Daniels | In Blog, News | on March 2, 2015

This week we finished up a 6-Week Weight Loss Challenge at Max.


So I’d like to start by congratulating all the participants in their efforts and fantastic weight loss results. 


Some of our top contestants lost 30, 19, 18, 16, 15 and 11 lbs respectively!! 


These guys killed it and deserve a round of applause.


And now that they are feeling awesome and on top of the world the real question is………..


What’s next??


To explain this concept further I’m going to show you my progress over the last 2 months.


If you remember 2 months ago I sent some photos of myself out of shape. I had let myself go over the holiday season and things got really out of control.


So I set out to make sure I got myself back on track and then some. And I think I’m on my way.

Check it out and judge for yourself.






























I can’t say I’m exactly where I want to be, but in 2 moths I’m making a pretty big dent. 


A couple of very important things to recognize about having goals are: 


1) Make Sure You Have Them 


2) Review Them Regularly 


3) Do They Come Packaged With A WHY?




First thing is this………


If you do not know what you want (Goal) and it’s not specific enough to accomplish (Measurable), then stop reading now and go do that.


But we’re going to focus on #2 and #3 today.


Review Them Regularly. 


I used to set goals and go through this elaborate process of making sure I had all that stuff correct.


But then I would leave it in the place where I found it and never really go back and review them.


Bad Idea!!


At that rate you may as well not have written them in the first place.


My new process involves me going back to review my BIG 2015 goals every week. That way I remember what’s most important to me, and I don’t get distracted or lost doing other things that don’t serve my greater purpose.


It’s a way of conditioning the mind to be a heat seeking missile on what you must accomplish and separating it from all the other BS things that may distract you from it.



WHY Do I Want This? 


When I write goals, or whenever I coach somebody else to write their goals, we make sure that the goal comes packaged with these things:


Why The F#ck Do I Want That?? 


So right underneath my goals (FYI I keep them stored in Evernote), I have a bunch of bullet points that go along with why I want to achieve that particular goal.


It looks something like this:


Goal: Live At 10% Body Fat 




– sick and tried of “love handles” (I pretty much hold my body fat in that area since I was a kid)


– want to be shredded all the time (No if, ands, or buts)


– have the confidence to take my shirt off at any time (A couple months ago maybe not so much)


– want the control over my outcomes – don’t want to be controlled by food (Control, power and strength come by owning your stance on things and living it)


– set the example for other people (As the resident “trainer” I have an obligation to set the tone for everybody)


– because my father could not (My father lived 26 years in a wheelchair and could not walk or do the things he wanted)


– directly tied to how much $$ I make (My career kind of depends on it)


– want a healthy and long vibrant life (Advances in technology and medicine will have us all living through 100 years old easy. I want to keep the vehicle in good shape for that)


– keep the attraction between me and my girlfriend (As I’m sure she loves me anyway, I feel it’s important to keep the product as advertised throughout the duration of the relationship and forever!)




This is what you see when you look at my goal sheets.


These are some deep rooted emotional things that are very important to me and they are strong motivating factors behind why I push for this particular health and physical goal.


These are the things I look at and review every week.


These are the reasons why when I forget why I’m pushing myself……


I go “oh yeah that’s right!”


“That’s why!”


And I keep pushing myself forward.


I’m nowhere near where I want to be just yet.




2 Months into 2015 I’ve put a pretty good dent in my progress so far.


And it’s really because I am very clear on the things that I want and why I want them. 


By reviewing them weekly I just remind myself periodically what I’m going for and why it’s important to me.


And then I go do it.


I do this with all of my BIG 2015 Goals.


I have 10-11 BIG GOALS for 2015.



Now here are some questions for you: 


What do you want? 


Why do you want it? 


Do you have it written down? 


Do you view it periodically?


This is what successful people do.


How is your 2015 going so far??


I’ll keep updating you on mine as we roll along here.





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