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Glute Workout -Top 5 Exercises on Good Day New York

By Frank Daniels | In Blog, News | on October 22, 2015

The sexy toned body is nothing without the perfectly attractive booty and these have a big impact on your posture. You can improve your hip alignment with fewer efforts by some great glute workouts on Good Day New York, and check out the TOP 5 exercises by us. I am a trainer and I started workout as a young kid and it become my natural progression of making everyone healthy. My philosophy is to follows easy functional athletic training, so that we makes it simple for everyone.

5 best exercises to get your glute in shape are:
1) Double leg Glute Bridge: This is a great exercise to lift gluteus maximus. Lie on floor and remember to squeeze your glutes to lift your hips off the ground, and don’t let your back hyper-extend. I am sure you guys at the progression of each exercise and make sure you are safe and doing at right level when you exercise. It is simple, versatile and beneficial for everyone who wants strong butts or sits for hours.
Just make a little variation and move to Single leg Glute Bridge: This is a bit tough, you will perform the same but with one leg. Lie on the floor and bend knees so that feet rest on floor close to butt. Raise one leg up and bridge up until your body is in a straight line.

2) High Hip Raise: Set up with your hands and feet parallel on the floor to bring your hip up into the bridge position. This will add more intensity and lift up a little bit and get more flex on back, where you lift and round the back.
About repetitions: Usually 12-15, you can even put it to 20 if you want. It depends upon your intensity level and you have to make sure that your squeezing is going in acrobatic at the backside. Also, you can use ball over the waist and use its weight.

3) Hamstring Sliders: Here you again grab the hips up, you’ll do the same but now you are going to incorporate the hamstrings, going to lift the hips up and slide on down then bring it back in and repeat. You will feel shaken back in legs. This is good for posterior in the back. Strengthen your hamstrings and glutes with this move.
About repetitions: 12-15 repetition, more to 20 if needed.

4) Clam shell: This exercise shapes outer glutes and thigh area. Lie on your side and knees bend with the feet behind the butt. Put your heels together and open up the hips, this helps to tighter the outer portion. It is very simple and if required you can use band, you do not need any fancy item.
About repetitions: 20 clam shell each

5) Kettlebell swings: Hold a bell with your hands in between your legs and with an aggression you’ll move that bell forward, swing the bell by hips back shoulders down. Then, move back to the chest height and repeat continuously. Hip moves develop muscle tissues on backside. For doing it, chose the right Kettlebell according to the weight, bells for men is heavy as compare to women. It is a holistic movement and it involved power and speed, which is really going to work for backside. Kettlebell are good because this has relatively low impact.
Some tips: If you don’t have kettlebell, use a bag pack with some books or a heavy bottle, which is easy to hold.

You can rock and roll and find more fitness exercise with your personal trainers on our website and you can join us.

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