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Is Max Impact Like a Health Club Gym?

No!!! We consider ourselves to be the anti-gym. Nothing about Max Impact Training from the facility/equipment to the way we work with our clients resembles a health club. We believe that there is something inherently wrong with the way most big box gyms approach training as well as customer service. We strive daily to be the exact opposite. When you come to Max Impact Training you can be assured that you will have the most advanced training programs as well as feel like you’re in a place that you belong with friends and family.

I have never worked out or have not in a long time and/or I have injuries. Can I still participate in the group training program?

Absolutely!!! At Max Impact Training we specialize in providing effective and safe workouts for people of all different levels. We use a progressive/regressive training model that allows anyone to perform our workouts. Our larger group classes are specifically designed with this system to assure that anyone from the 20 yr old athlete to someone with joint dysfunction can workout side by side and be challenged.

How soon will I see results?

Your results will vary depending on a number of different factors. Compliance to the training and nutrition programs as well as things like mindset, genetics and everyday activity level all play a roll. If I was going to pick one thing that was the #1 limiting factor it would be nutrition. This area will be critical in speeding up your results.

Why is strength training so important for results?

Strength training has a number of positive benefits for people with a wide spectrum of goals. It plays a necessary role in elevating metabolism in clients who are looking for fat loss. It provides the body with the tone and shape that people are looking for. Bigger and stronger muscles protect from injury as well as create more explosive/faster athletes. It also plays a critical role in increasing bone density which has been proven to decrease as we age.

What are Metabolic Workouts?

Metabolic workouts are a hybrid of strength exercises and cardio aerobic training that elevates metabolism
for 24-48 hours after the workout. We use interval timing and fast paced workouts to get the right combination of these key elements to fitness. Our boot camps and personal training sessions will be aimed at elevating metabolism levels so you can experience the results you are looking for.

What do I need to wear/bring?

Wear comfortable, soft, breathable materials. Wear footwear with minimal ankle restriction and heel lift. You are welcome to bring water/sports drink and a sweat towel with you. We will provide the equipment.

How long are the workouts?

All workouts at Max Impact Training unless notified otherwise will be performed within 1 hour. Depending on the intensity level of a specific workout they may end up being shorter but never over a 60 minute time period. No workout will be performed without a warm-up/activation period.

Is there nutrition involved?

Yes!!! We already spoke above about the #1 limiting factor that keeps most people from accomplishing their goals. It is without a doubt a no-brainer to improve this area. Poor nutrition will hold you back. Good nutrition will propel you forward. We provide all clients with our Nutrition Success Guide. We also provide you with gender specific “quick-start” guides to help you get in the right direction. We offer more support through phone/email as well as holding regular nutrition workshops and seminars. In addition we provide accountability through measuring/tracking.

What should I expect from Max Impact Training?

A workout experience like no other. You will have a fun and challenging workout that will leave you sweating and counting the minutes until you can come back for more. We place emphasis on a “team environment” so you can expect to be met with support and encouragement from our members. Don’t be surprised if you make a few friends. You can expect to be performing at a level you never thought possible because we will challenge you like never before. Be prepared to feel the IMPACT!

What is the cost??

While on a trial membership our clients have the option to commit if they feel the program is the right fit for them. Our clients pay up to $51/session to as little as $10/session. Our prices range from $612 to as low as $89/month depending on the program, amount of monthly sessions, and length of the package agreement. To find out what training package fits your needs please contact Max Impact Training today.