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Sports Performance Training



Max Impact Training has got the program to make you a better athlete today!

From: Frank Daniels, Max Impact Training Fitness Boot Camp

Dear Parent/Athlete:

  • •  Are you a parent that wants to see their child work to achieve their full potential on the court or field??
  • •  Are you an athlete who has the desire to advance to the next level but is not sure how to go about doing it??
  • •  Are you the type of athlete who is willing to work harder and smarter than your opponents to reach your highest level??
  • •  Do you want the type of explosive power and quick first step that places you ahead of the competition??
  • •  Are you concerned that the type of strength/speed training offered by coaches and gym teachers may not fit the standard of an upper echelon athlete and training program??
  • •  Do you desire the type of movement/strength training based program that is going to maximize performance while minimizing the likelihood of injury??

Well you have found the right place!

My name is Frank Daniels owner of Max Impact Training located in White Plains NY. I pride myself in having the best training programs and facility in the area. As an ex high school and collegiate athlete I know what it’s like to have passion for my sport and want to spill everything into my training and practice to become the best athlete I can be.


When I was a young athlete things were a lot different than they are today.

Kids today are involved in more sports and activities than ever before. Working with a trainer was generally something reserved for collegiate and professional athletes. Nowadays it almost seems if you are not working with a trainer to improve performance that you are being left behind the pack.

I remember what it was like to be a young athlete who put everything I had into my training. Unfortunately a lot of that training was misguided and eventually would lead me to a serious injury. The ACL injury that I suffered in my senior season of high school was enough to derail my career and made it tough to continue in College. I struggled to regain my form in college and eventually would give up on my dreams.

This is one of the main reasons why I created Max Impact Training. I have the knowledge and passion now to help prevent young athletes from feeling the pain that I felt when I thought all was lost. I never want to see that happen to another kid who loves to play sports as much as I did.

Unfortunately I have some concerns over the current state of youth sports and athletic training.

Athletes are becoming year round participants and specialists in their specific sports. This can be recipe for postural problems and faulty movement patterns that once developed can take thousands of repititions and years to correct. These problems and patterns not only play a role in injuries, but also will be carried into adulthood further cementing and solidifying the problem.

At the same time the young athlete struggles to find the time to work with a professional who can address these issues and correct them. The other side of this equation is that if the athlete doesn’t take the time to get stronger or exercise the mechanics of solid speed and agility movement, they will struggle to meet their full athletic potential.

Add to this above problem the fact that athletes are beginning to take exercise training advice from their coaches and gym teachers. Now while any exercise is better than none for any individual, the truth is that most coaches and gym teachers are highly unqualified and inexperienced at training athletes. They are working off of things that they have seen and heard of. They simply do not have the experience and education of a professional. Unfortunately this can be dangerous and lead to the same type of movement/posture issues discussed above. Limiting an athlete’s abilities and opening them up to a greater possibility to injury.

I want you to know that in no way am I questioning the good intentions of parents and coaches. I know that their hearts are in the right place when it comes to these kids. But the above scenarios are becoming more and more prevalent and can make the difference between a kid reaching full potential as a student/athlete or being left behind the curve.

No athlete will become as good as they can be without a solid strength training/speed agility program!!


I say that with the utmost confidence. Take it from a guy who was going to be a Division 1 football player and then had the rug pulled out from under me when I tore my ACL. If I had the information and techniques that I know now the injury was 99% less likely to occur.

If you want to reach your full potential as an athlete and minimize your chances of an injury, then a regular strength training/speed and agility program is something you must make a priority!

At Max Impact Training, we’ve taken years of personal experience and practical training and put together a cutting edge program that will fit your sports performance needs.

Our Sports Performance Program Features:

  • Expert Coaches, State of the Art Equipment, and Industry Leading Techniques
  • Physical Movement Assessment that will Identify Movement Deficiencies and Map a Course to Correct them
  • Increased Vertical Jump
  •  Increased Speed and Agility
  •  Improved Lateral and Multi-Directional Speed
  • Greater Resistance to Injury to Keep Athletes on Field or Court
  •  Nutritional Guidance to Maximize Performance
  • Explosive First Step Quickness
  • Increased Lean Muscle Mass and Body Fat Reduction

You won’t find another athletic training program like Max Impact Training that gives you as much value for the output of time and money you spend.

Testimonial: Head Coach of Valhalla Varsity Basketball


Testimonial: Terrance Tribble

In March 2012 Terrance began working out with Frank Daniels at Max Impact to improve his speed, strength and jumping ability in football and basketball.  Working with Frank Daniels he gained approximately 15 needed pounds. He worked out consistently and developed the self confidence needed to play at a much higher level. During his senior year, Terrance accomplished the following accolades:IMG_2701

  • •  Terrance was part of the Minutemen AAU National Basketball team which made it to the Sweet Sixteen in Orlando Florida and finished 12th in the nation.
  • •  MVP of the Edgemont Holiday Tournament. The only player to achieve this honor two years in a row.
  • •  During his senior year, he was voted to the Westlake Holiday All Tournament team.
  • •  He was voted to the Hendrick Hudson All Tournament Team where he scored 34 points.
  • •  He was voted All Conference
  • •  All League MVP
  • •  All Section
  • •  The first Valhalla basketball Player to be elected to an All State team

Terrance will be attending Rhode Island College where he will begin his collegiate career in basketball.

Thanks to Frank Daniels/ and Max Impact for all the help with Terrance’s development and success.

– Carol & Howard Tribble, parents of Terrance Tribble

Testimonial: Da’Sean Downey


  • • Varsity Football 2009-2012
  • • Four-year Varsity Letter winner
  • • Defensive end and offensive lineman – Woodlands High School
  • • Co-Captain of the 2012 Section 1, Class C Championship team, voted Defensive MVP of Championship game
  • • 2012 All-State First Team, All-County First Team, MSG Varsity 1st Team Hudson Valley All Starts, MSG Varsity Section 1 All Star, All-Section and All-Section Defensive Player of the Year, All-League
  • • Senior Bowl All-Star Defensive MVP
  • • Tony DeMatteo Bowl Champions, 2011
  • • NY vs NJ bowl MVP
  • • Led the Section in sacks
  • • 68 tackle, 14.5 sacks, 3 forced fumbles, 1 fumble recovery
  • • Height: 6’5″; Weight: 233lbs

If you want the type of explosive power and strength that the elite athletes possess, now is the time to take action.

Don’t be the athlete that falls behind the curve because they accepted 2nd rate training and didn’t make any time for strength and speed/agiltiy work.

The best athletes understand the true importance of unlocking their athletic explosiveness by putting in the work that the rest won’t.

Don’t waste your time with so called “expert” coaches and programs that don’t work. Our coaches have competed, are certified by respected organizations, and spend time traveling to national events and seminars to get better.

Max Impact Training has a high powered sports performance training program that will have you unlocking your true potential as an athlete.

What are you waiting for? Register today!


Frank Daniels

Owner, Max Impact Training 

P.S. This is an opportunity to leave the competition in the dust. Are you ready to become the best athlete you can be?? If so then don’t waste another second letting your competitors catch up. Sign up for your free trial NOW!!!

P.P.S.  You will not find another sports performance training facility like Max Impact Training. We guarantee results so you can’t lose. Register today!!!