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Well look no further. Max Impact Training has got you covered!

From: Frank Daniels, Max Impact Training Fitness Boot Camp

Dear Friend,

  • • Are you looking to get in the best shape of your life??

  • • Have you tried and tried and found it to be almost impossible to accomplish on your own??

  • • Have you been performing cardio day after day and struggling to see any real progress from it??

  • • Have you bought the latest Fitness DVD only to have it sit on top of the player and collect dust??

  • • Are you tired of looking in the mirror and not being happy with the image in front of you??

You are not the only one!

My name is Frank Daniels and I am the owner of Max Impact Training located in White Plains, NY. At Max Impact Training we pride ourselves in delivering the best fat loss coaching in the area. Over the last 6 years I have helped hundreds of people experience tremendous results with my fat loss programs.

I couldn’t tell you how many times I have heard the above scenarios from people. It’s such a common thing for people to struggle to achieve the results they want. The truth is that the system is broken! The way fitness is delivered to the mainstream is so far off, it is no wonder why people struggle to get results with all the misinformation and sub-par fitness programs/trainers out there.

Too many trainers/programs haphazardly throw exercises into a workout with only an interest of getting the client tired. This preys on the general public’s lack of knowledge in the area of exercise science appeasing the urge to “feel it” leaving the client open to injury and closed to results. And this is where most training programs fail.

If a trainer cannot answer the “how” and “why” they have a client performing an exercise or group of exercises. If it does not follow a philosophy or fit into a system this is a big problem. And unfortunately since the client does not know the difference between safe, effective training opposed to just “getting tired” they end up with a raw deal.

The above method can be effective for the top 5% of people who’s metabolisms are so revved up they could watch a hamster run around a wheel and still burn body fat! But for most people they need a plan that takes into account their specific needs as an individual, their own personal fitness level, and their structural and postural concerns.

Every individual has a goal that is personal to them. Our semi-private personal training programs are designed to do exactly what it takes to meet your individual needs.

Assess, correct, and personalize the program to meet your individual needs.

In our semi-private training groups we will personally assess you and provide you with a program that is specific to you the individual, giving you the greatest chance at success. All this while still maintaining the motivation and camaraderie of working out with a group of your peers.

Trust me I’ve been a 1-1 trainer before. The sessions can become a bit blah and stale when it’s just you and the trainer. Moving from a 1-1 trainer to a small/large group training environment has proven to me this: people work harder when they are in groups!!!

Our Semi-Private Programs give you the best of both worlds. A personal program designed specifically for you with a motivating team atmosphere to have you performing to the best of your abilities. Don’t be surprised if you make friends and get results simultaneously!

Our Max Impact Semi-Private Program Offers:

  • Personalized Programs Designed Specifically With Your Goals in Mind
  • Individual Corrective Exercise to Correct Posture Limiting Injuries/Joint Pain and Maximizing Results
  • Small Group Team Environment that Elevates the Motivation
  • Personal Attention that Larger Classes Can Not Provide
  • Nutrition Packages, Seminars, and Workshops to help you Maximize Your Efforts in the Gym
  • Workouts that Evolve and Change to Your Needs Eliminating Plateaus and Boredom

We don’t just design a program and leave you on your own. We will guide you and provide you with all of the resources you need to become successful.

You won’t see any silly crunches/sit-ups or boring cardio aerobics going on at our facility. At Max Impact Training we use cutting edge fitness principles to give you the best workouts and results for your time and efforts.


If you want to get the results you have always been looking for, you need to join Max Impact Training. I was a member of another gym for 4 years and never saw any results. When I found Max Impact, I made the best decision of my life and left the other gym and never looked back. I have been a member of Max Impact for 2 1/2 years and from day 1 my body starting changing. The high intensity workouts along with the nutritional advice and guidance from Frank is all it took. I have dropped 2 pants sizes. There really is no other fitness program out there like this one and there is no trainer like Frank out there either. He is hands on with each of his clients when it comes to making sure each individual gets the results they came here looking for. I have truly never felt better about myself.
– Ilana

Growing up being in shape and athletic I was concerned that my fitness level had taken a turn for the worst a few years later. I was working out here and there but nothing consistent enough to give me any type of results I was looking for. I realized I just wasn’t up to date on what works, and really I needed something more motivating than working out by myself. That’s when I showed up at Max Impact Training and in my first 3 months as a member I lost 20 pounds. I started out at 225 and I am now 205. I have never felt better about myself. I love the boot camp class because it is a fast and intense workout. That works for me because it’s hard to find the time with work and the family, and Max Impact provided me with a great solution. Frank is very professional and he is always pushing you to get to that next level. If you do the program and do what they ask, you are guaranteed to see results if you become a member of Max Impact.
– Andrew





Look not everybody is born being fit. I myself had to battle weight problems in my early 20′s. I know what it’s like to not be happy with what I see in the mirror. It took effort and dedication to get back my life and physical fitness.

Not only did I experience some dramatic fat loss results, but I also learned how to manage and maintain those things over the course of time. And that is the secret to success. We will not only teach you to get fat loss results fast but also teach you how to stay in top notch condition for the rest of your life. 

We believe in delivering top notch service to all of our clients at Max Impact Training. But we wanted to give you more than our word that you will see results for your time, effort, and money invested. 

That’s why Max Impact Training is prepared to back up our training experience with a guarantee that you simply can’t miss.



Don’t waste your time with programs that don’t work.

Max Impact Training has a high-powered program that will have you burning fat fast, while toning your entire body and energizing you like never before. If you are looking to elevate your performance or fitness level, Max Impact Training can design a unique program for you and what you need.

Stop pushing off the “new you” to another day.

What are you waiting for? Register TODAY!


Frank Daniels
Owner, Max Impact Training

P.S. The struggle does not have to continue. It can end today. Give the Max Impact Training team a few hours a week and we will get you the results you have been desiring or your money back. It’s that simple. Sign up for your Free Trial NOW!!!

P.P.S. You will struggle to find another fat loss or sports conditioning program like the one at Max Impact Training. We guarantee results, so you can’t lose! Register Today!!!